In case you've been wondering, I've been playing for a few days with different templates. It's so easy that I've been tempted to try different styles. Ive been looking for something that displays the resources, links, post and other widgets in the best and more organized way possible.

I think I'VE ACCOMPLISHED what I wanted. For my Charlotte's blogs I'm happy with the chosen template and the banner I designed. For my homeschooling blog I wanted something different than the other two. The first blog styles where in the two column, and having so many links and widgets it didn't work for me. Then I had the same template than for the Charlotte's blogs, but given to my lists not all having pictures, it turned too orange for my taste. I tried an olive green I loved, but the heading was a bit awkward, with the name of the blog small, and a gap between the navigation bar and the posts, so I had to keep looking. Finally I found this template but the background was too grey, so I applied a nice blue background, and I like the fact I could tweak the navigation bar to have it sort of website style, where I can add other things in the future (such as 'curriculum', I don't know but I have room to grow).
Thanks for your patience in looking at different styles and maybe being a bit lost! Mmm, maybe I should start writing some of those Squidoo Lenses and do one on how to change your blogger template!

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