Why we homeschool

Looking at my posts I'm realizing I never included one in which I explain our reasons to home school.
It's strange, but I couldn't envision life different than this. I just have continued with my roll as a mother and teacher, and my husband too sees this as natural that we take care of our daughters, and continue catering for their physical, emotional, and intellectual needs.

We enjoy living life together, cooking and eating meals together, playing, reading books, drawing, taking walks, conversing, WORSHIPING our Lord together...we home school as a way of life, a blessed and privileged life style that makes us all grow in our abilities as persons and our service to Christ.

Pros, lots, family unity, meaning, fulfillment, excitement, closeness...
Cons, how difficult it is sometimes to find a bit of healthy space from being with them 24/7 for us as a couple, and as individuals. Good friends come handy then, and my dear husband gives me a break from the girls too from time to time.

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