Susan Lemons new book

Susan, a homeschooling mother of four children whom she homeschooled from birth to college for the oldest, high school, and early elementary the youngest too, pours out her wisdom as a mom, preschool teacher before her homeschooling years, and counts with degrees in Child Development.

Her book is entitled Homepreschool and Beyond, live the 4 R's, and here you can see the contents and from the titles you can see that Susan has a deep knowledge and sound advice for moms who educate their young children at home.

Reading the titles you can see how she understands our questions and needs. There are lots of books about homeschooling, but this one is specially crafted for the early years. The number of families who homeschool from birth is increasing, and sometimes as new to this we could really use the veteran mom's advice. That's when Susan comes in handy. I know her from the Yahoo Ruth Beechick group, and every time she writes I feel reassured in many of my believes, and it's always a pleasure to listen to her words.

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