Math for Pre-School and Kindergarten

As some of you have children who are 4, 5, and 6, and have decided to homeshool them, the question about what method, what schedule, and what curriculum assaults you and you want to know what you'd be doing for "school" come next August.

We know that research and proven studies tell us about school in the early years. Research shows negative effects of teaching reading too early (under 6 at least), and by this I don't mean following the cues of our own children and their interests but methodical drill like teaching of phonics, or basing learning on a reward as a conditioned response as in "if you do this, we'll put a marble in the box and you'll gain TV time". Rewards shouldn't drive our teaching of the children but the teaching of habits and natural consequences. But well, that's another topic.

Back to math there is a lot of things we can and should be doing, but again, the thought of having 'nothing' and pulling a curriculum out of thin air is overwhelming to say the least. So here you have a place for reviews, different programs, free resources, a few book recommendations, and scope and sequence ideas to fill that with some more planned games, activities, and why not, an occasional worksheet to make moms happy and to see they'll be able to do those, now breath, and yes, they'll do even more. Ah, and YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW MATH (but I advice you, if you are lucky to be able to start from scratch, to read some light and entertaining books about math to fall in love with it and detox from your former experience, if that was a not so good one).

For the resources:


* In all the groups homeschoolers rave about Right Start, however it's pricey (though some moms with more than a child find it an investment). This is from the hundred's up.

*Another favorites and much less expensive is Singapore Math and Math U See.


* Not really, Saxon is repetitive and dry, but I have Saxon 1 that I picked for a great price, and I think their scope and sequence and some concepts are of value. I hear good reviews for older years, up to 6 or 7 I believe.


They have free materials (student and lesson plan printable) in both, ENGLISH AND SPANISH.

Living Math BLOG

Math author of interest: Marilyn Burns

* If you don't find it HERE, you won't find it ANYWHERE ;-)


Ray's Arithmetic

Kitchen Table Math (I'm very tempted to buy this one for next year, too bad they don't have it at the library).

About Teaching Mathematics


* This is a random benchmark I've found, you can search for others, sometimes the content table of math books give you this too.

Do not forget to play math games, do mental math, and READ books with math (some are openly math living books, many have hidden math, learn to find those living books with your kids). Look at the living math site's list for early childhood.

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