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What curriculum do I use for Pre-K and Kindergarten?...easy, my live is the classroom, our daily routines and our special activities are our curriculum.

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Research, common sense,authors and moms everywhere such as Susan Lemons, who have experienced a life time of instilling learning in their children by the way they live their life, by example and real situations will invariable tell you to ENJOY the early years, to have FUN with your children, which is not opposed to being disciplined, to keeping routines at home and expecting much of your children when it comes to forming their character. All that has not much to do with formal school or curriculum.

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Understand that if you don't send them to school to then build a school at home with too much emphasis on academics in their early years, their gain would be a fraction of what they could profit from a life where all of you together read books, tell them stories, cook, walk, host friends, visit others, play games together, do chores, have conversations, visit the library, go to parks, museums, field trips, start family traditions, write shopping lists and thank you cards together, listen to music, dance, take naps, explore art together...I couldn't list all the things we naturally do with them that we could even schedule to some extent and that would be our curriculum.

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Ruth Beechick says we definitely don't need to know what our philosophy of education is to start teaching our children, however I also find the early years are very exciting to me because they are a great time to read about what it means to homeschool for different people, and form your opinion based on what you read, see and experience.

Go back in time and tell me what you remember from when you were four, five. Maybe you have a defined memory of your classroom, your teacher, the books you used in class. I do not remember that, what I DO remember warmly it is the park days, the crafts with friends, the meals with grandma, the books I chose to read, afternoons of drawing, mornings of cleaning with mom, organizing drawers, sorting and playing with grandma's buttons, dancing while doing chores, our trips to the museum, to the country. I even remember an art book my father got as a present where I by myself admired and learn about famous artists. No single learning experience is related to school, all the memories are of bullies, frustration, fear. That's until later, in middle or high school, where I remember some teachers who were positive influences to us.


Have faith, be courageous, trust in God, do what you know helps your children not what the world is tuned to, or relatives and friends tell you if that's different to what your knowledge tells you. You need to focus inward to find these truths, they've been spoken for many years and they are still the same. Children need YOU, you are sufficient, you are capable, you don't need to spend, buy, do, but BE. A rich life of love and care, values and habits, curiosity and character, will be the BEST CURRICULUM you can give to your young children.

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paloma said...

Silvia no logro dejar comentarios en tu blog en castellano, me está encantando. A ver si hoy sin falta te anuncio en "paideia en familia" ya que se de muchas familias españolas interesadas en C. M.

Mira lo de los comentarios, pues hay algo que no debe estar bien, al menos a mi me sucede y me extraña que ninguna amiga virtual te haya dejado ninguno para darte la bienvenida.


paloma said...

Ya lo publiqué:
Espero te parezca bien.

paloma said...

Ya lo publiqué:
Espero te parezca bien.


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