Benefits of Early Academics Posted by Cathi in Hawaii

Some say, "But my preschoolers are so much happier if they have workbooks to do." Regarding early academics, just make sure that through the preschool years, child training comes first! Remember, it's not a readiness issue. The child may be developmentally capable of doing something; but the important question, in light of all the research which shows that an early start does not translate into anything except possible burnout, is "What else can my child be doing with his time that is more valuable at 3, 4, and 5 that WILL translate into a richer life?"
If your child needs several hours of academic activities or even constant input from you during the day in order to keep him from being bored and whiney, then this is a much bigger problem than whether to teach him to read and write at 3 or 4. Providing schoolwork may just be masking character issues which need to be addressed before school age. This is one of the reasons I am against early schoolwork--it gives the child and parent something to focus on other than those things which should properly be taught during those years. When a child is whiney and bored, he needs to be taught how to find acceptable activities, how to entertain a younger child, how to wait for Mom's attention, etc. Am I making sense? Providing structure can be helpful, but not if it is a "remedy" for character problems. Schoolwork is the easy way out.

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Ana P. said...

Hola Silvia, he leído este post uno anterior y me has tocado un punto sensible: el de "entretener a los hijos". Realmente me preocupa lo que dices de los "problemas de caracter", pues los siento en mis hijos, especiamente en los dos pequeños. Y no sé muy bien qué debo hacer pues siento que aunque esté educándolos en casa mi papel no debe ser el de "recreadora" dándoles a cada minuto algo que hacer, se supone que si estamos haciendo las cosas bien, ellos deberían desarrollar su creatividad de tal manera que sean capaces de disfrutar la disponibilidad de tiempo en lugar de sufrirla, no se si me entiendas, y no se si realmente deba seguir mis instintos y desaparecer de sus vidas la televisión en lugar de solamente reducirla... te seguiré leyendo pues presiento que tengo mucho que aprender de tí.

Gracias por comentar en mi blog =)

Pure Perseverance said...

I am so grateful for your response on the CM group. Thank you. I am slowly moving forward. That word slowly just goes against the grain of all we know in society today, doesn't it? Just breathe, Nicole.

I saw that you had a blog and wanted to check it out. Very glad I did!! You have so many wonderful informative sites. I could look (and plan to, mind you) for days.

I needed to read this today, too. It was just a good support and reminder for why we are doing what we are doing.

God bless!

Primal said...



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