Nature Walk

As we were walking down the trail, we saw the water in the grass and the leaves under, and we saw this strange fruit on the floor. Little one shouted "up mami, there are more up in the tree". She was very proud to be a good observer.

The walk got better. Oldest sister spotted the yellow flowers, a couple, and a bee was busy eating the nectar. We used Mrs. Ruth's cap to trap it for a bit to be able to see it in detail. We let it buzz again.

They played and asked to draw. Oldest sister drew us three, the fence and a couple of houses in the distance, the bee, and ask me about its ears, I told her bees don't have ears. She drew a vignete and wrote bssss. little one drew a girl and an insect.

And mom could read a bit of her fascinating math book. This was the chapter about multiplication of multiple factor numbers. Once again I marvel at the way the Chinese have to explain math and their use of math vocabulary, laws, and concepts.

It's a great book but I have to finish it soon for I have to return it to the library soon (it has been requested).

God Bless Texas!
(See also what other Charlotte Mason families are doing for nature study).

1 opinion(s):

Amy in Peru said...

your photos are AWESOME!!

thanks for sharing them! are you from texas always?


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