I've been scanning the girls drawings, and I see lots of details in both of their art. My oldest writes with invented spelling but she asks me about sounds and she is writing to read, and reading to write. Thank you and birthday cards are great practice for her. I'll post some of those soon.

We have started PE classes on Mondays and we are liking it a lot. Looks like some of us are committed to this. I'll write more and possibly take a couple of pics of us doing the stretches and playing the games soon.

Tomorrow we'll paint with a friend who is coming to do her own abstract canvas. Friday we have some of our home school group friends coming to do a math book and activity with the book Ten Black Dots. I think we'll have a fun day with this math living book.
The girls saw their first ladybug, the insect in the previous post, and a moth yesterday. At the library
we found a few good books in their for sale shelves, and my youngest picked a butterflies and moth pocket book, my oldest an scholastic book on butterflies from a lovely collection, they have transparent pages that overlap with others to show you the butterflies and flowers in a very realistic and lovely display. The oldest got a book on snakes and we got Corduroy the Spanish version.

From our last check outs, we particularly love ADELE AND SIMON, vintage illustrations, a close to home story, and a bonus, a LIVING BOOK for geography for little ones, it has the streets and places of Paris for real, and the things Simon looses the children spy in the illustrations. One of those I thought it would be great and they did not believe me until we read it and they ask me to read it again, and again, and again! I've seen more titles when I was adding it to our Library Thing, but there was no cover for this one...you'll have to trust my word that it's adorable.

We are finishing with our Winnie the Pooh audio whole work collection. The last two CD's we are listening are the poetry ones, and I enjoy them even more than they do!

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