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We are almost finished with Pinocchio, but my book was due, and the first one I loved more than this second copy was requested so we had to leave it after just a few chapters. I have requested yet a third one to finish our reading. I've seen the original by Collodi free online, and they have it in Spanish too, but I like to read it from a book to the girls, cuddled in bed. Later in life I may get it in Spain if we go there in a couple of years, and read it again aloud with the girls.

We went to the library and I found some good things that I had not requested. One was the story of Ping in Spanish, La historia de Ping, which I know it's in the five in a row list of books, and though I did not do the five lessons with it, we read it. I found a copy of William Tell too, this is one of the Fifty Stories book we'll read next year, but I wanted to check it up. The girls did not think they'd like it, and they LOVED it. I did too.

We finished listening to Mary Poppins the first book, unabridged, and we loved it. Natalia asked me for the 'movie of the real Mary Poppins', she calls the Disney movie the 'fake Mary Poppins'. It was very interesting. I can see how the movie exploits many lovely things of the original book, but at the risk of sounding pedant, I liked the book much more. You get to love this British nanny, Mary Poppins. Natalia's favorite part is Michael's bad Tuesday. He woke up with an irking feeling inside, and he was worse than bad that day. You'd love the humor as a grown up and Sarah Thompson's reading is magnetic. So now we are listening to the original complete works of A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh's writer, and we are again surprised and delighted to see the similarities and much more that the original is offering. So far I love Rabbit's chapter when Winnie gets stuck. And the dialog with Owl. Owl saying you have to skew a reward, and Winnie replying "Owl, I think you sneezed". And when Winnie tells Owl that Eeyore was fond of his tail, you know, he was 'attached' to it! Simple delightful.

Our first week of following the schedule did not follow the schedule but got a good start off with the History of Insects, fairy tales by Lang in Spanish, back to Our Spiritual Heritage, copy work by an excited Natalia of John 14:15, some Nature study, math probability and addition...we may take much longer than those 40 weeks, but it's alright if we are learning. The schedule is tentative, I think it is very heavy on reading and math, I have to make space for art, music, nature and skills, and for 'life'.

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ulli said...

Silvia, I love reading your blog (Been home with a cold since Friday, but going back to work tomorrow.) You are an amazing writer. I can see you vibrantly engaged before my very eyes, just as if I was there. I homeschooled Cedric in grades 5, 6 and 7, so this is somewhat of a journey back in time. Good choices, Silvia.

Beth said...

Dear Silvia,

I started to notice your posting on the AO yr 0 news.

I really appreciate your comments, insights, and word of encouragement and discernment, suggestions,etc.

Keep up your good work!

Thanks for the blog, very helpful!

Bin (Beth)

Jeanne said...

I love reading about your bilingual living book choices. Actually, I loved a lot of your posts, but being a living book bibliophile this is the one I chose to comment on!!

We are trying to teach our daughter, Jemimah (AO3) in French and English but have a lot of difficulty obtaining books locally. A Five in a Row approach with lots of activities using the same book works really well for us.

I look forward to getting to know you better!!


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