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Yesterday we had our first Charlotte Mason group meeting, we were seven ladies, and it was a great and inspiring evening. This morning we felt like going nature walking, I gave Natalia that spiral notebook I had reserved for this, and she made her first entry. She decided to give the notebook a title, she wrote Amy's classic flower adventure, She wrote" Amis clasik flower (I helped her with the 'W', and I spelled adventure for her. She was totally inspired, drew a daisy from a few small we saw, and a cloud with a 'beard' too. Back home we saw an acorn tree and they had fun picking some from the grass and looking at the little 'hats' they have. We brought some home in our pockets. Victoria was very happy too, they both were brainstorming possible last names for our dog Chip, and our cat Turkish, Victoria suggested 'glutton' for Chip, but Natalia thought that 'treasure' is a nicer last name, and Victoria agreed. Victoria then decided that Turkish' last name should be 'pink', or pinkish, I forgot ;-) Back home we ate lunch and when Steve called Victoria talked to him and told him "dad, Natalia is being mischevious', just for fun. That girl certainly loves words.

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We read some of the History of Insects book, the elephant beetle, grasshopper, and cricket, and heard their noises, the tree cricket sounds like a bird. It's amazing. And we read the old tale of Aladdin and a short fairy tale from Andrew Lang's Red Fairy book, the Three Princesses of Whiteland. We were nicely busy, after that we played a math game for statistics, something very forgotten and needed. I have a sandwich box with a divider across and marked as A and B. Then we used 6 red counters and shook it ten times to see which combination is the most recurrent. I wrote the combinations in a paper and made a quick grid to record them, we had a 3 times tie between 3A and 3B, and 2A and 4B. It's fun and you can do much math with it, it's also different ways of getting six, and a great visual element to 'see' the numbers. I'll be doing this again maybe with the preschool kids when they come, I have a couple of things in mind. I also want to do it to show her greater and smaller.

We are awaiting our package from Spain, and some books from We can't wait to see our in laws who will be hopefully coming late this year.

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