More reviews of children books

Ducktails, a lovely chapter book we've started today. The girls are developing good attention for books without pictures such as this. It has great vocabulary, not kid like words at all, despite of it's size it has that classic style of older writers.

Peter Rabbit Giant Treasury is the complete tales by Beatrix Potter and her original art. Today we read the first chapter, and at dinner, my youngest who helped me cut the green beans and stir in the Basmati brown rice, told her d
ad that Mr. McGregor was bad because he cooked Peter Rabbit's dad in a pie!

Another one with bunnies, "Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth". I enjoyed her approach. At home we also don't tell the girls that Santa or the Tooth Fairy are real. I found the author's take on this very much like us, we encourage the children
innate imagination, but don't give them false hopes of any supernatural or magical being being real.

New Clothes for New Year's Day has the most exquisite illustrations you can find. I have some doubts about doing right or wrong with all this children literature we have today. I
understand Charlotte Mason advocates for oral stories, and she warns about dependency on pictures and changing topics often, as in being dis
perse. On the other hand, I see the girls learning about other cultures, places, words and
stories, and I believe it's positive to explore all these literature and there is art appreciation in the illustrations.

Chopsticks is a cute tale about a mouse and a dragon in Hong Kong. My daughters have fascination for China. We read before the Story of Ping, and we picked a
nd read New Clothes for New Year's Day too. Every time some
thing oriental crosses their path, they pick it.

Back to defining some of the illustrations as art, The girl in the Castle inside the Museum is another exquisitely illustrated book with a touching story. We picked great books this week.

The last two I found at the library shelf where they had lots of books on music and art.

A biography of Matisse and The Mozart one we truly enjoyed. The idea of hearing the music of your city, of your place is a powerful idea. We are hearing an owl every morningand my youngest peeks through the window trying to find him.

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