Finally, our schedule for January 2010

This is our tentative schedule for the incoming year. I firmly believe children under 6 do not need to be educated following the school format, but that doesn't mean at all they won't be given any structure or that they won't be doing any learning. These early years are for habit formation, spiritual and emotional development, and with that, academic growth comes natural to children. This schedule is a guidance for me to help me during this 2010. I hope it also helps and inspires you too.

Combining Ambleside online Year 0, her Year 0.5, with an Old Fashioned Education, I've come up with these schedule:

* Bible:
~ Spanish Bible
~ King James Bible (on tape),
~ Taylor Bible story book, Our Spiritual Heritage, and books related to
our topics from the library and home.
~ Hymns and songs of praise
~ Memory work

* Arithmetic:
~ Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching, MEP primary year 1.
~ Living Math books and games. Ideas at

* Language Arts:
~ McGuffey's Eclectic Primer (I'll give it a try since I got it from a friend).
~ I'll continue with Charlotte Mason ideas for reading. For more on this, read Kathy's article.
~ Handwriting. Gentle introduction through sand writing, letter formation, etc.

* Literature:
~ Lang's fairy books, The real Mother Goose, Poetry (this list for a reference, and Spanish poetry for children I have).
~ Gloria Fuertes cuentos para 365 dias (Spanish short stories by classic poet and children's

* Science:
~ Kids Nature Book and nature walks, and Monarch butterfly project
~ The Insect Folk by Margaret Warner Morley
~ The History of Insects
~ The Burgess Animal Book by Thorton Burgess (The bird one I'll use in Year 1 with AO).
~ Flower Fairies/ Burgess Flower Book
~ Animal stories, by Joel Chandler Harris and/or Brer Rabbit by same author.

* Biography:
~ The Bird Woman of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, by Katherine Chandler

* History/Social Studies:
~ Books from library, 1 or 2 per week.

* Health, Habits, Handicrafts, Physical Education, and Life skills:
~ Soup should be seen not heard.
~ Cook together a meal once a week.
~ Work on habit formation and chores
~ Continue with art and craft projects
~ Park play and regular exercise

* Art and Music: follow the AO suggested painters and composers

I've also created a 40 week schedule similar to THIS by Maggie (from an old fashioned education), in which there is a weekly reading assignment sort of what Sonlight does. I hope my list helps you figure out your own, or inspires you to build your own curriculum guidance. Remember Mrs. Beechick, curriculum should be our servant, we shouldn't be slaved by it. There are a lot of free resources, as Maggie says, the hard part is to choose between all. And as always, if something it is not working, change, tweak, and change some more. Adjust your plans and resources to your child, not vice-verse.


(If you want to download it or view it in word with active links, click here!)

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