Endangered Minds and Raising Your Spirited Child

I' m half way through the book and enjoying it so far. It has lots and lots of research and observations at schools, studies from neurologists, psychologists, doctors and informal observations by parents, school teachers, college teachers.

I differ in the author's postulates that stem from the supposition we have evolved, and I have my doubts about being able to extrapolate studies done with animals to humans, but many of her hypothesis and arguments are valuable. To me it's common sense adorned with lots of fancy and scientific data. She even tells that in a paragraph, that science is coming to say what common sense dictates.

I believe we don't need scans of the brain or expensive and extensive research to do a better job teaching the children. And, as she says too, no matter if the differences are genetic, environmentally caused, we can do something to improve learning, to make our children develop adequately, to improve it.

Her observations about TV are smart. There are no monetary or political interest to conduct valuable research in that field, however, every home schooling mom will tell you her family is better when TV is not running constantly at the background and foreground of her h

ome. And we all know that parents not involved in developing language, conducting conversations, and providing their offspring with structure, love, attention, etc. will see a detrimental effect in their children's present and future life.

Do I recommend it? yes. Do I believe you'd be missing something if you don't read it? not necessarily, but it's a valid reading if you are thinking about cutting TV and video game time, or if you like to enrich your mind with readings on this category.

The second book is Raising your Spirited Child. Again one of those who has lots of examples, information etc. Yes, it contains valuable things, but it's not the first one in this line I read. I already suspected my girls are spirited and I AM spirited too. It has positive thought about determined, intense, persistent, "challenging" children, it provides ample ideas and explains it through other parents interventions in her seminars and examples. Do I recommend it? yes, but the same as the previous one, it wasn't a breakthrough for me, more another one reassuring thoughts I already had.

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