Thoughts on some recent readings

We truly like Rosemary Wells. She is the illustrator and writer of Max and Ruby, but we LOVE this little story about Yoko and sushi. Natalia and Victoria wanted to go to the Chinese buffet to try sushi. Speaking of which, yesterday we bought prunes and chocolate sandwich cookies, because Natalia wanted to, as Frances in Frances Baby Sister book, runs away under the dining room table, with a backpack full of books, a stuffed animal, prunes, and chocolate sandwich cookies!

Other books that we've been reading, Queen Esther saves her people (very close to the original account, with words straight from the Bible and nicely illustrated). They were learning in Bible class about her, and I also read about this book in the 600 books for girls. From that same book we checked out two other titles, but I don't like them much. They were "Where is your skirt Amelia Bloomer", about the lady who invented the 'bloomers'. But I don't like how it is written. The other one, Players in pigtails, also based on the team of girls who played baseball during the war because there weren't many man to play...again, I don't like the tone. I know I'm biased, but not because it's literature that apparently promotes women it's, in my eyes, good literature.

We are having an inspiring discussion at Ambleside about fairy tales, romance, weddings, in the books that our curriculum uses, and I'm surprised to see there are many moms who, like me, are careful about the girls not being caught in a simplistic concept of vain beauty and immodesty.
I'll write more on this topic, and elaborate on it soon.

...So many books. Folktales, that's my weakness, and the girls seem to love those too. "The Ghost Catcher", and Indian legend. I enjoyed it. They like the idea of 'scaring the ghosts'.

We are starting to read math living books. We are more attentive to look for math books at the library. We found 365 penguins. Though I loved the book, and we read it several times. I did omit the ending. It has environmentalist propaganda. At a time where those scientist who claim global warming are being questioned, I'm not willing to read that global warming is a fact! Most of the book is really good. It intertwines very nicely a story with math concepts.

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