The power of play

Drawing by my three year old
If you truly believe in it, it works. When my girls play outdoors, they are in a better mood, they go to take a nap by themselves! When we do living learning, as I call it, the results are wonderful.
We started to do mental math problems in the car in our way back from church, and we were truly impressed with their capacity and answers. My oldest was pretty soon quizzing us too.

Yesterday we were looking at the Ambleside Art appreciation for this quarter, I had printed the five pictures by Raphael Sanzio, and my dd picked Young Woman with Unicorn. We are working on it, she truly loves trying to draw a replica. This morning she was taking a few pics with her camera, of her sister's shoe, her sister's drawings on the chalkboard, and she asked me for the prints to photograph them. Then she counted them as I asked her how many, she said 5, and she separated three and said: 3 plus 2 equals 5, mom. She also told me out of the blue 5 plus 3 equals 8. She seems to love these math, and I'm truly happy about it as you can guess ;)

So today we went to the park. It was empty, just a couple of children who were there for fifteen minutes. We stayed over an hour. I guess people are doing lots of shopping or staying home. Since we don't buy at this time of the year, we get to enjoy the park all to ourselves. At the park, as some moms suggested, we were telling and acting out The Three Billy Goat Gruff in Spanish, they couldn't get tired of it. We all took turns to be the troll, the small and the biggest goat, since we are three we dropped the middle size goat out of the story!

In the car we are listening not only hymns, but now we have checked some CD's from the library. One is Straberry Hill, a novel on CD. We are half way. Yesterday we did not have that in the car and we started playing The Pretenders, fairy tales narrated in theater form from old radio programs. They enjoy them (and we, the parents, too), so it's a win win situation.

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