Pinocchio and life little surprises

I have been checking out from the library books that we are not necessarily reading now, but that we will read once we start Year 1 of the AO curriculum. One of those is Pinocchio, the original version by C.Collodi. Three days ago I was about to start reading it to the girls as I was greeted by a 'mom, the book is too long', I explained I intended to be reading a chapter a day. I read chapter one and the book has a small synopsis of each chapter, so I read chapter two synopsis as well. Yesterday I totally forgot about Pinocchio, I forbid myself to push them to something not right for their age. Surprisingly Natalia said "mom, we have to read Pinocchio", so I did read chapter two. The girls laughed with Mastro Antonio and Geppetto's fight. They couldn't stop repeating "Polendina" (what Mastro Antonio was calling Geppeto). I read chapter two and three, and they seem to love the story. Natalia keeps comparing it to the Disney version, which as usual is quite different.

We might continue, they may not want to, and at this time, if that's the case I won't insist. Pinocchio is one of the free readings of Year 1, if we don't finish it now, we'll get at it in a year or so. However, I'm more and more convince by seeing the girls that LIVING books have an appeal that is hard to see at a first glance, but that once hooked, it's like a magnet.

A few other LIVING BOOKS, The Gingerbread Man, by Carol Jones (this is my favorite version, it has other mother goose characters in it).

The goose who went off in a huff, by Paul Brett Johnson. Such a lovely farm story.

And The apple pip princess, by Jane Ray.

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