No rush no push no need to PERFORM

We at my home are officially in a quest to 'master inactivity' and all our FORMAL teachings are postponed till my girls become 6 or 7!
If you want to find us, look for us at the nearby parks, our backyard, or playing at home!

We are reading our Bible, though, and many other lovely LIVING books that we check out from the library, some we find and some we read about at the AMBLESIDE website.

So SAXON MATH is being put away for now (it was getting too much pencil and paper), though we play math games, and use the manipulatives too. Our goals are the ones stated by CM suggested to be achieved by the age of 6, one of them is to add and subtract up to ten. Our favorite is learning 6 hymns and poems (they can be nursery rhymes in English or Spanish).

Five in a Row is also being put away. We have Volume II, and now I've printed the list of all the rest and we plan to keep reading the books and doing things as we see fit, but we don't feel the need to follow all the activities in the books or in order. Anytime we find a title in Spanish we get it!

We love Madeline books, specially because Pepito (like mom) is from Spain. We also love our Bunnie Tails, so maybe we are right in time for Peter Rabbit and the whole works by Ms. Potter.

Science equals our backyard. Mom wants dad to build a small compose, like our friends at church have, the Shaws. They have given us a pomegranate tree, and are giving as a banana tree. We won't have bananas until the second or third year, but it' will be exciting when they come. Our dad is getting ready to plant the lima beans we use for 'couscous soup' which is not made with couscous but called that in Malta. It's made with small pasta balls that look like couscous.

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