If a mom joins a Charlotte Mason yahoo group...

...chances are she'll read interesting things about other authors and subjects, and she'll start posting questions and even giving answers to other moms. She'll get to see some other blogs of interest, and she'll find out more living books. Once she's confident in finding living books, she will realize there are math living books, and she'll will see there is even a new yahoo group for living math and she'll join the group, and after joining she'll read someone's question about where to start teaching math, and she'll go to the LIVING MATH BLOG and she'll read about the book she checked from the library when she saw the recommendations at the living math group, and another book she read a while ago to her girls and that she enjoyed. She even remembers that book being mentioned in the 600 books for girls book, since the main character is a little girl. And she'll see that the book in question is a MATH book. Now mom has a different look when searching for living books, and she'll end up joining another yahoo group!

Don't forget to read this book too: Patricia Kenschaft, Math Power: How to Help Your Child Love Math, Even if You Don't, it will open your eyes and make you fall in love with math.

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