Excerpt from "When children love to learn"

Some who have read Charlotte Mason think that in teaching their own children, they can apply her ideas according to personal whims. Finding out how powerfully a child learns and responds to literature, some make the mistake of believing that reading mostly enjoyable literary books will offer a complete education!

Others are afraid of any textbook. They have the mistaken idea that every school subject should be "fun." Practicing the scales while learning to play the piano, learning new vocabulary when studying French, learning the time tables need not be fun at all. We must understand that "everything in life includes duty." But it is our job to balance duty and fun. Such "drills," if they don't last too long, become part of a routine. A curriculum can insure that we offer a balanced education to the child. (Page 198).

We have one to two more years to continue the process of teaching routines, habits, and outdoors exploration and play before we immerse ourselves in the curriculum that we believe endorses a well balanced education as proven the case in different schools and homes for many years.

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