Educating your children the Charlotte Mason Way

I have decided to start this blog to add in it precisely the thoughts and findings of our journey to get a life education according to the Charlotte Mason principles and philosophies, and adapting and adding living books we discover in Spanish, and other happenings and experiences particular to our household that may serve as an inspiration or help to others and that will surely be a great way of recording our journey.

After many readings, I've decided to take the Charlotte Mason route, following the indications and valuable curriculum you find in the Ambleside Online website. We are also in their yahoo group, and I've seen many parents who follow this curriculum in foreign countries, or in households where more than one language is being used and learned.

I grew up to love Spanish and worldwide classics and I'm not very sure how this happened, for my parents are not well read and just sent me to school without being actively involved in my education apart from making sure I was fed, I got sleep, and paid for my courses (which is not little either) . However, looking back I can say up to 6 or 7 years I had an incidentally "Charlotte Mason inspired" childhood. My grandmother was with me, and my mother as well. We used to go to the nearby huge park very frequently, and we the children used to be left to play and 'do our thing' following that masterly inactivity so well defined and beautifully crafted in his works by Miss Mason. Our schools in Spain (or at least mine) had more formal learning in the mornings, and crafts and physical education in the afternoon. We were read the Bible accounts, and had to illustrate them. For science, we had the real flowers for examination, and I harvested silk warms, had insects, plants, seeds, fruits, etc. to observe, draw. We were played music, we also played different instruments of our choice, and participated in class plays often. At home I remember being mesmerized by my parent's art book my dad was given at work, with Spanish painters such as Velazquez, Goya, and international ones, specially from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance period. Nobody asked me or tested me, I was just absorbed by what I saw.

All through my life I've been fortunate to have been exposed to good literature, sometimes it was beyond my ability, but after several attempts or requests by the teachers, it always came a time where I could finally connect with the author and book.

Of course not always and not all had the Charlotte Mason quality and intentionality at all, but a confluence of factors, such as the fact of not having TV all day long and a rich (not diluted) atmosphere and literary tradition being passed by our teachers, combined with that childhood free of tests, demands for performance and outdoors oriented, made a sort of Charlotte Mason inspired person out of me.

Now with my girls, I intentionally plan to take this learning and philosophy to the best possible degree, not loosing sight of the utmost goal for them, which is to raise them for His service and in His image. If we can do that, the rest will fall into place and will have the right importance.

I'll add some lists of living books in Spanish we've found, as well as a brief note of our happenings and findings.

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