A Christian Home Education

Ruth Beechick couldn't have expressed better the kind of education I aspire for my daughters. This is a quote from her book:

I see no reason why homeschoolers should study the various educational philosophies to determine where they fit in, and specially not before they begin teaching. I can tell you ahead of time, if you are a christian, that you won't fit in any of the philosophies they teach in a standard course. They'll say you're "eclectic", that you draw a little from each of the philosophies. You are the one who has the correct and whole view of truth and knowledge, and each of the philosophies draws a little from that view.
It's really quite simple to say that you have a christian philosophy of education. When you are shopping for curriculum, you'll want to put the Bible itself in your plans. And all the other subjects you want in a Biblical perspective. This Biblical perspective is more important in subjects like literature and history than in a subject like arithmetic, but you'll know that without me telling you.

To this I'll just add that Charlotte Mason, Ruth Beechick, and many other experienced homeschoolers advice that we have to start at the right time, and in general, too much academic time and sitting with drills and paper and pencil are not very beneficial for young children under six. Ruth Beechick also warns about not buying too much the first year and gives the best advice about curriculum. Certainly I'm realizing I don't need to spend to meet my goals, and quality won't suffer!

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