Book review ~ Math

I can't say enough good things about this book. It's not the classic boring informative and loaded with technical terms book you'd expect from a math book if you are a language arts oriented person as I am. It has a deep yet amenable reflection on math, how it's taught in the U.S and abroad, what math is (real math versus mere computation), vignettes with humor, real life samples, AND yet simple and well researched explanations of what the children need to know at different stages to succeed and LOVE math.
This book has defeated my bias for math books, has made me confident in my ability as a parent to instill a good basis and love for math, and as a consequence and next year resolution, I'm determined to find math living books, games, do more mental math, and revisit math knowledge in order to know it better, teach it better, and enjoy it more. And it has also made me want to read more about math.

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