How to change the tabs of your blogger template and How to open link in NEW WINDOW

First the easiest, how to open a link in a NEW WINDOW so you won't boot people out of your blog :-)

You highlight your text, click the link button, paste the link as you always do, and then go to the Edit Html window where before your text, you'll see the 'http: address, at the end of it, which always ends with html">, right before the > sign, paste this: TARGET="_blank"

Even when you upload a picture as I did to your left, you can pick the picture, go to the link symbol, and make it link to a page on your blog or any other address you point to. When you go to the Html, this will be a bit more difficult to find. There is code for the picture, and code for the link. You have to find the code starting with http:// and ending html"> and paste your text TARGET="_blank" right before the bracket.

If you link a lot it's a bit painful, but I have the habit of doing it, I like to go to the link and still be at the post I'm reading. That's slightly Obsesive Compulsive me!


After I gave you the steps on how to change your blogger blog to a different template HERE, I saw some of you chose templates that, like mine, have a navigation bar with tabs that say things like HOME, CONTACT, OUR CURRICULUM, but that when not edited they say other things such as COMMENTS, ENTRIES, EDIT...and you may want to keep some, and add some, and/or even remove some.
Here is how.

1. DON'T PANIC! You won't loose the information on your blog or anything you have.
2. ALWAYS BACK UP AND SAVE YOUR BLOG TEMPLATE, click on expand widgets before you will have everything extensively copied from your blog as you know it.
3. Create PAGES instead of POSTS the same as you'd write a new post but choosing PAGES. Those will be the pages you'll have in your tabs, you can have more pages not displayed on the tabs if you want. Blogger allows up to 10 pages. The reason for the pages is that they are not tied to a date, they show up when you click or link to them, and you can disable the comments, so nobody will write anything on them.

3. Go to the feared HTML. Click Ctrl+F, you'll see a window either at the top or bottom of your screen that says x Find and a box to type. Type the word entries, for example, and you'll find something like this. The rest of the explanation is in the document. It has several pages, continue reading.
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2 opinion(s):

Nancy said...

Excellent! I will try your first suggestion next time I link. Blog OCDers unite!

LOVE the pic of your family. You are blessed!

Blossom said...

Nice! I was wondering how to link to outside my blog without I know :)
I wanted to leave a link to my blog on some resources for free ebooks for the Kindle for PC (in case you haven't already found them)
I hope it helps and if you find any that I don't have there, please let me know!:)


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