Nature Walks start this Monday 9/13/10

We'll be walking outdoors every Monday for 15 to 20 minutes to observe, study and appreciate nature.

From Anna Botsford Comstock's book, Handbook of Nature Study,  I'll be writing and sharing some passages and share them with you to help us understand how to do these walks and how to study, enjoy and appreciate God's Creation better. There is also a helpful blog called THE OUTDOOR HOUR that guides you in your nature study and offers helpful hints and challenges for when you are ready.
Karen Andreola talks about Nature Journals here too.


From Comstock's book:


Nature study is, despite all discussions and perversions, a study of nature; it consists of simple, truthful observations that may, like beads on a string, finally be threaded upon the understanding and thus held together as a logical and harmonious whole. Therefore, the object of the nature-study teacher should be to cultivate in the children powers of accurate observation and to build up within them understanding.

First, but not most important, nature-study gives the child practical and helpful knowledge...
Nature-study cultivates the child's imagination...
Nature-study cultivates in the child a love of the beautiful...
But, more than all, nature-study gives the child a sense of companionship with life out-of-doors and an abiding love of nature...
If nature-study as taught does not make the child love nature and the out-of-doors, then it should cease. Let us not inflict permanent injury on the child by turning him away from nature instead of toward it. However, if the love of nature is in the teacher's heart, there is no danger...

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